Design your Laravel models fassst!

Fluidbm is a free Laravel schema designer that syncs your online model designs to your project using our cli.
No download and copy-pasting files required anymore.
Just run "fluidbm pull" and the job is done.


Fluidbm in 3 steps

Install the fluidbm-cli using
npx: npx fluidbm
npm: npm install -g fluidbm-cli
yarn: yarn global add fluidbm-cli

Powerful suite of tools

After designing your models in Fluidbm's dead-simple editor, it is time to generate and export the models to your project

fluidbm auth
Authenticate with Fluidbm to fetch your schemas
fluidbm clone
Clone a fluidbm schema in your Laravel project
fluidbm pull
Fetch and automatically add models, migrations, etc
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